BMCC Groups

BMCC accommodates three culturally diverse voluntary groups to provide specialised services :


       Care and support services for the elderly of Asian, African and Caribbean background.

       The services entail promoting general well-being and rehabilitation within a caring, stimulating and friendly environment.

       Supplementary education for young people from the Somali refugee group.

       Advice, guidance and interpretation

       Services for Somali refugees & asylum seekers.





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Barnet Somali Community Group (BSCG) was established in 1995 to meet the need of the Somali community members in the Borough of Barnet and in the nearby areas by providing them with advice, information and support in order to access services available in the borough and elsewhere.


We cater for the needs of the African and Caribbean elderly, stroke and Alzheimer’s sufferers, as well as providing a ‘Home from Hospital’ service.

Our mission is to promote care, general well-being and rehabilitation of elderly people with physical or mental disability within a friendly, stimulating, caring, supporting, and informal, yet exciting environment.


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Barnet Somali Community Group

Barnet Asian Old Peoples Association

Registered Charity No.  1062195

Registered Charity No.  1052706