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Hadii aad degantahay ama aad ka shaqayso xaafadda Barnet iyo nawaaxigeeda, BSCG waxay talabixin kaa siinkartaa arrimaha: xuquuqda kaalmada, guriyeynta, hawlaha arrimaha socadaalka wax-barashada iyo shaqaalaynta, tababarrada, aqoon korosiga, tarjumidaa iyo qaabab buuxinta.


BSCG wexey ku kaaleysaa ardada dugsiga sare casharradooda (xisabta, Ingriisida iwm) maalinta sabtida.



If you are a Somali living or working in the or nearby areas of the surrounding Boroughs we can provide you with free advice and useful information on:


    * Housing

    * Welfare benefits

    * Immigration

    * Education and employment

    * Translation and interpreting

    * Health


BSCG have qualified for Quality Mark for the Community Legal Services (CLS) and from the office of immigration services commissioner (OISC)


    * BSCG is running weekend classes for 11-16 year old pupils to help them with the GCSE core subjects of English, Maths and Science

    * There are qualified English Language teachers and highly experienced volunteer Maths and Science tutors

    * There are also Somali and Arabic language, cultural and heritage educational sessions for the Somali children and Women’s group

    * Our supplementary classes support pupils in secondary schools particularly those who have recently arrived in the UK



 charity number 1052706

Tel:  020 8202 9311


Fax:  020 8202 9357


Email:  [email protected]