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Barnet Asian Old Peoples Association (BAOPA)aims to provide a welcoming facility for the recreation, leisure, social and welfare of elderly persons of Asian origin and in doing so improve the conditions of their lives.


The Association was formed in 1981 in order to support the Asian elderly people resident in the London Borough of Barnet  to reduce isolation, poverty and deprivation. The charity was formally registered in 1990. 

charity number 1010732

BAOPA have all the qualities of a premium voluntary organization which grew out of a clear need. It responds to what the community wants. Our bank of volunteers and our Development Worker offer a quality of service which is delivered and maintained to a high standard.

Our members benefit from our relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and so can you! New members are most welcome! For more information or any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Services offered by our group include:

    * Yoga class on Wednesday led by a bi-lingual teacher: 11am - 12pm

  * knitting workshops on Wednesday: 12pm - 1pm

  * Tai Chi class on Thursday: 11am - 12pm

    * English classes on Friday 12pm - 1 pm

   * Exercise class to music on Friday: 1pm - 1.30pm


BAOPA offers a comfortable friendly, environment where peer groups can meet and socialize. Our services offered by our group include:

    * Culturally specific holidays

    * Religious observance and celebration

    * Day trips and outings to the coast/places of interest

    * Health promotion – keep fit/yoga/meditation

    * Monthly health monitoring by Outreach Nurse

    * Seminars on health promotion

    * Advice on benefits/support

    * Prescriptions collection

    * Respite for Carers

    * Hot vegetarian meals provided



Tel:  0208 202 4414


Email: [email protected]